A Mountain to Climb

I’ve been to the top of Snowdon twice before, once in the early 80s and again in 2002. On both of those occasions it was a gentle trundle up the mountainside courtesy of the Snowdon Mountain Railway, into the clouds that were shrouding the higher slopes.  For the briefest moment in 2002, whilst at the summit, the wind cleared the clouds revealing fantastic views over Llyn Llydaw and out to the east. In that moment I took this photo, seconds later I was back in the clouds.

View to the East from the summit of Snowdon towards Llyn Llydaw
View to the east from the summit – Grib Goch, Pyg track and Llyn Llydaw (July 2002)

I used that photo as wallpaper on my work computer for months afterwards, so many people that saw it would ask if I had walked up?  Each time I would make some wry remark “me, walk up a mountain?” and then say no I went on the train. I might as well have just downloaded the photo. I’m rather embarrassed about that fact now and it’s time to put it right. I want to be able to say once and for all, yes I have walked up Snowdon!

So with the help of my fellow Ordnance Survey Champions and especially Jason Rawles, our Adventure Guide, a plan was hatched to summit Snowdon by foot on Sunday 24th July. Please take a look at Jason’s blog at what was involved and what you need to consider before tackling a mountain yourself, there is a lot more to it than just putting on a pair of walking boots.

You could say the weather wasn’t at it’s best last Sunday, after a week of high temperatures and cloudless skies, I awoke to the sound of rain. With the poor weather and visibility Jason selected the Pyg Track from Pen-Y-Pass as the best route for us.

Ordnance Survey - Snowdon Pyg Track
The Pyg Track – Map Crown Copyright/Ordnance Survey


Even the rain didnt dampen our spirits

OS #GetOutside Champions on the Summit of Snowdon (July 2016)

Whilst I didn’t get to see the views this time, what I did see was far better.  My ability and strength, post heart attack, to be able to climb a mountain, physically, literally and metaphorically. Thank you to everyone involved in helping me reach this personal achievement.

“Yes, I’ve walked up Snowdon!”

If you’ve had a set back, for what ever reason, never give up on your dreams and aspirations. If you put your mind to it you can over come these obstacles and climb your own metaphoric mountain – you just need to #GetOutside, start off slowly and take it easy, you never know where the path will lead you.

As for seeing the views from Snowdon, I will just have to return…